Keeping Up! (Trying at Least…)

Posted by – November 1, 2015


Welcome Back!

Keeping a Blog is something that I don’t necessarily have the knack for… I’m working on building a stronger habit that includes writing as a more common and more included brainstorming process. Drawing and sketching are great but it doesn’t always include other elements the writing does.

So here goes for today and thanks for joining me on this beautiful fall day!

Trying something new for more clarity of what to expect! We will split the post up into the following sections:

  • New Work
  • Colleagues and Recognition
  • Upcoming Events

New Works:

ronchickenRon vs. Chicken. 11″ x 14″

High Quality Matte Pigment Inks on Rives BFK 100% Cotton Paper

Ready for Framing


The Cosmic Beaver 5″x 7″ Mini Print

High Quality Matte Pigment Inks on Epson Velvet 100% Cotton Paper

 in a Ready for Framing size

Colleagues and Recognition

My buddy Ramel has successfully funded his first Kickstarted Campaign! Setting out to raise funds for a 22 page comic book adventure inspired by his kids, he met his goal at about 120%! Check out Pinkwing and the Prime-Controller!


Upcoming Events

November 7th:

Reimagined, a Renaissance Group Show at TPG2, a Thumbprint Gallery, San Diego, CA

November 13th:

The Covers Show at Genesis Gallery in Chicago, IL

November 28th:

Urban Garage Sale at Turner Hall in Milwaukee, WI

November TBD:

Masters of Mayhem at Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

Benches, Sketchbooking, and Sketchbooks

Posted by – September 8, 2015


Places to Store Ideas – Pocket Sketchbooks

Three (3) pocket-sized books
with blank interiors to capture and jot ideas, thoughts, doodles, schemes, recipes, to-do lists, manuscripts, novellas, portraiture, etc. The decision is all yours.

One (1) Individual sketchbook

3.8125″ x 5.5″

Cover: 100# Kraft Speckletone from French Paper Co.
Insides: 48 pages of 60# Uncoated Text Stock
Saddle Stitched, 2 staples

Places to Store Ideas Sketchbooks :: Order Here


After a summer of repositioning and rebuilding, I’m proud to announce the consolidation of Eric Michael Hancock into one entity. Digital Snowmen LLC and now Rogue Meat Collective all represent different stages of my illustration and business career pulling it all together.

Capturing the appreciation of fleeting moments in our day and taking the much needed opportunity to reflect on the beauty. I will be focusing on more in person events and writing my long gestating, soon to be illustrated novellas.

Also, I hope that one day, when you’re at the meat counter, your favorite butcher, or looking at Bobby Flay grilling steaks, you think of Eric Michael Hancock’s illustrations.

Thanks a bunch!

– e

WIP Series:: Heavy Lifting

Posted by – June 19, 2015

Many folks are interested in seeing the process behind works created to get a better idea of how the thought and creative process is approached. Often times, drawing the initial sketch is one step of the process. For digital drawings, that step is more important than producing the final because it provides brainstorming, architecture, relationships, narrative, substance, and form. The digital portion is more of the busywork allowing for the plans to form into being. The following is the process once the final production begins. I used Photoshop CC 2015, Viola (for the screen recording), Final Cut Pro X, and Logic X (for my nifty, WIP soundtrack!). Love to hear your thought: ehancock(at)


Here’s the Sketch:


Here’s the final Illustration, 8″ x 10″:


A new 8″ x 10″ commission option has been added to my marketplace in preparation for the holiday season. Come check it out and consider a very tailored, original piece of art for your loved ones this year!

This is part of an ongoing series to bring to light creative process for illustration.

Many thanks,


The Cosmic Beaver

Posted by – May 31, 2015


Through the still and the silent illuminated skies

Sculpting refinement through masticated eyes

With White Dwarf as starters; as aperitifs

Gaseous Giants needing a spoon

Comets on occasion, shiny though brief

To conclude each night

Or perhaps it’s the day

Nothing treats wholesome like fibrous moon

#TwitDrawin: Revisited!

Posted by – May 18, 2015

Few years back. as I was creating the first series of Smart (small + arts) Drawings I reached out to the internet community to contribute to the success of my project. Through Twitter during my morning commute, I would ask for descriptive contributions in three words or less to be tweeted at @RogueMeat. After the suggestions were received, I would draw them and tweet them back. The drawings were numbered and small and compiled into an ePub book that is available for Free —> Right Here <—

This is a Revival of #TwitDrawin!

Keep your eyes peeled for tweets from @RogueMeat announcing the current window of opportunity for submitting ideas to be drawn. Usually in two hour increments, mainly mornings; sometimes afternoons or during popular evening shows; always Central Standard Time. Let me know what works for you and I’ll try to accomdodate ;)

Here are the recent suggestion results:


Skunk Eating Pizza; Alien Drinking Coffee


Happy Male Lion, Maniacal Klaus Kinski